Thursday, April 12

Recent First Edition Prices on Ebay and Death of Kurt Vonnegut

First Edition Books - Recent First Edition Book Prices

Trading first edition books is one of the many ways you can make money online Some of the prices obtained recently for autographed First Edition books on Ebay - prices seem to me at the moment to be quite low - maybe people spent all their money at Christmas ? Lots of signed Paul McCartney books have appeared all of a sudden - I am tempted to speculate about who might be selling them and why, but I had probably best keep my thoughts to myself :-)

High in the Clouds – Paul McCartney – Signed - £274.00
The Nature of Nature – John Fowles – Signed Limited Ed. £190.00
Blackbird Singing – Paul MCCartney – Signed - £167.39
Life and Times of Michael K – J M Coetzee – Signed £151.00
Lady Sings the Blues – Signed by Billie Holliday - $1000.00
High in the Clouds – Paul McCartney – Signed - £274.00
Eragon (not a good example) – Christopher Paolini – Signed - $532.00
In Cold Blood – Truman Capote – Signed - $ 511.01
Rabbit Run – John Updike – Signed - $395.00
Endless Night – Agath Christie – Signed - £180.00
West Running Brook – Robert Frost – Signed - $312.00
Eragon and Eldest (Knopf eds.) – Paolini - Signed - $225.00

Paolini always sells well, but prices seem to have dropped recently, so maybe a good time to do a bit of online investing in some cheap copies - his next book, the third in the trilogy, is due out this summer.

A very old book - 1499 De Interpretandis Romanorum litteris / INCUNABULA - just sold for $3850.00 - time to check out what's in the attic ?

On a sadder note, I have just heard that Kurt Vonnegut one of the greatest American authors of the 20th Century has died.

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