Monday, April 16

Update - New Book by JRR Tolkien being published - Children of the Hurin

16April 2007 - 11:58

A new book by J.R.R. Tolkien is a rare event, particularly as he has been dead for over 30 years, but there will be one on sale tomorrow.

His son Christopher Tolkien has used his father's manuscripts to construct "The Children of Hurin".

The story has been told in fragments in "The Silmarillion", and the new book is darker than Toliien's best known works "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings".

The story takes place in the distant past long before "The Lord of the Rings" in a part of Middle-earth that was drowned long before the Hobbits appeared. It tells the tale of brother and sister Turin and Nienor who are cursed by Morgoth, the first Dark Lord.

The initial worldwide print run for the new book, featuring illustrations by Oscar-winner Alan Lee, was 500,000.

In another development "The Hobbit" is also likely to be made into a movie.

It is estimated that worldwide sales of "The Lord of the Rings" amunt to 150 million copies, with 50 million of these taking place since the films were released in 2001.

"The Children of Hurin" may well be the last "new" Tolkien work to be published.

On Ebay recently a so-called First Edition Twelfth Impression (i.e. not a first edition at all) sold for £148.00

On Abebooks true firsts from 1954 are priced at between £8,500 and £32,000 . The first edition of the Children of Hurin is unlikely to command high prices, particularly so as they are publishing 500,000 copies, but no doubt Tolkien collectors will be buying a few.

Update : Hatchards are offering a special edition of THE CHILDREN OF HURIN - DELUXE EDITION BY J.R.R.TOLKIEN, EDITED BY CHRISTOPHER TOLKIEN for £60

It includes a new Map of Beleriand drawn by Christopher Tolkien, in the form of a fold-out sheet, 8 colour paintings, 25 pencil sketches plus an exclusive colour frontispiece painting, by artist Alan Lee. This edition is in blue with grey boards, stamped in gold foil with a unique motif of the Helm of Hador, and housed in a matching custom-built slipcase. The book is printed on superior quality paper. THESE ARE FIRST EDITIONS BUT THEY ARE NOT SIGNED.

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