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Alice Sebold Lovely Bones

First Edition Books - Alice Sebold Lovely Bones Signed

Alice Sebold Lovely Bones First EditionBefore becoming a film Alice Sebold's "Lovely Bones" was a best-selling novel, the story of Susie Salmon, a 14-year-old girl murdered on December 6, 1973, who lives in heaven while watching life continue without her. Her family have a very difficult time dealing with her disappearance and her her killer tries to cover his tracks.

Susie Salmon is an omniscient first-person narrator : she can enter the minds of other characters and can even see into the past.

A strange idea for a book but obviously it worked. The film will no doubt be a great success too.

It may, then, be worth taking a look at the first edition books of "The Lovely Bones" some copies are being offered at $500 some for only $50 so it might be worthwhile picking up some of the cheaper signed first editions.

The edition you need to look for is the Little, Brown and Company 2002, Hardcover edition. It needs to be in 'as new' condition with the dust jacket also in as new condition. It needs to be a First Edition, First Printing (with the complete 10-1 number line on copyright page). It should also be signed and dated by Alice Sebold (on her first book signing appearance on July 9th, 2002 if possible). The dust jacket needs to have the Livesey quote on it. It should also be signed by Glen David Gold, Sebold's husband and author of Carter Beats the Devil, on the dedication below his printed name. The promotional postcard signed by author should also be present.

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