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First Editions of Septimus Heap by Angie Sage - Good Investment following Warner Bros. Film Deal

16 July 2007 - 14:54

First Edition Books
Septimus Heap (Magyk) by Angie Sage Good Investment for Collectors of First Editions after Film Rights Sale

If you are looking for a First Edition book to invest in then you could do worse than to have a close look at Magyk by Angie Sage. Why? Because Warner Bros. Pictures has just announced (12 July 2007) they have acquired the feature film rights to the seven-book fantasy series, Septimus Heap - the seventh son of a seventh son.

Signed first editions by Angie Sage, should therefore start to move north soon, as the filn deal does not appear to be general knowledge yet.

Magyk was the first in the series and Angie Sage has already written part II Flyte and Part III Physik. These books are all worldwide bestsellers and have been translated into 28 languages. Warner Bros. has made a lot of money from the Harry Potter films but they need something to replace them and have decided Septimus Heap is a good bet. More magic, mystery and wizardry with more humour thrown in in Angie Sage’s inimitable style.

The forthcoming film will be produced by Karen Rosenfelt who also produced the Devil Wears Prada with Angie Sage as Executive Producer.The Septimus Heap series tells the story of two babies that are switched at birth: one, a boy who discovers his birthright as the seventh son of a seventh son, and ultimately, a powerful wizard; the other, a girl who is destined to become Princess. Their stories are set in a weird and wonderful fairy-tale England and their journeys of self-discovery are filled with hilarious characters and clever charms, potions and spells."We are delighted that Warner Bros. will be creating films from the Septimus Heap series," said Susan Katz, President and Publisher of HarperCollins Children's Books (I bet they are !) « the producers share our belief that the world of Septimus Heap is … unlike anything else in children's fantasy."Magyk was first published in the US by Katherine Tegen Books an imprint of HarperCollins in March 2005 and then Bloomsbury purchased the UK publication rights from them. Magyk was published in the UK just a few weeks after the US version was published.. It was an international bestseller. It moved straight into the New York Times Best Sellers List at no. 3 and moved to no. 1 in its second week.
The book has also appeared on the bestseller lists in France, Sweden, Spain, and the UK.

As the US version is the first edition you might think it would be better to obtain the US first edition, but this is not necessarily so. Susanna Clarke’s book Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell was published first in the US but it is the UK version which gets the highest prices.

Magyk was also published in the UK in a special limited edition of just 1000 numbered copies, these will be more expensive and a better investment than the ordinary signed copies.

I wouldn’t expect Angie Sage’s books to command the same price as J K Rowling’s first editions, but they ought nevertheless be worth significantly more than they are at the moment. They are also quite hard to find, eBay – my primary source for cheap first editions doesn’t seem to have any at the moment.

To be sure of how prices are changing check out AbeBooks.

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  1. Hi i'm currently reading the Angie Sage books and i am nearly finished the third book. When i had finished the harry potter books i felt sad and i wanted something like that again so i chose these books. They are amazing, i love the fantasy and the magical atmosphere of the books i cant wait til it comes out as a movie
    Thanks you Angie Sage for writing these books and Thank you warner bros for signing up to make the films.

  2. Well, I'm not Angie Sage and I have nothing to do with Warner Bros. but I'm glad you like the books I recommend you get someone to buy you a signed First Edition ! It might make a good investment for the future. :-)


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