Wednesday, November 20

Nora Roberts Dark Witch and Last Boyfriend

Nora Roberts - Dark Witch

Just a quick heads up for my loyal fans and groupies - Nora Roberts has written another book ! How does she do it? That's over 200 and counting ! Yes I like exclamation marks/points (UK/US)!

The last time I looked she had just written The Last Boyfriend and now she's writing about witches! She's probably written a couple more in between times 'cause I've been asleep for a long time. She is America's favourite writer apparently so kudos to the lady. I think I read somewhere it takes her around 2 months to write a book (and she probably still uses a quill pen and a bottle of ink!) - me it takes me two months to decide I need to wash again (after the first 7 days you don't really notice the difference).

 I may try to put up an image of said books to prettify this blog, before I slope off to my next project what I just thought up which involves actually writing a book myself! Well, that's quite a turnip for the books!! I really should put up a picture of a turnip, but just use your imaginations.

You may also like to read some of J R Rain's mystery books  they are really very good! For example Silent Echo Echo.

Nora Roberts' Latest Books if you are in the US

Nora Roberts Dark Witch The Next Always

Nora Roberts' latest Bookie Wookies if you iz in d UK innit

Nora Roberts

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