Saturday, March 17

Recent Prices for First Editions on Ebay

17 March 2007 - 17:25

Ebay is the easiest way to find collectable books on the Internet and also offers some of the best bargains. You can often find books on Ebay at half the price they would be with a more traditional online bookseller. Here are some recent prices :-
Paolini - Eragon signed First Edition - 908 USD
Pullman - Amber Spyglass signed First Edition - 71 UKP
Pullman - Clockwork signed First Edition - 157 UKP
Pullman - Subtle Knife signed Firt Edition - 199 UKP
Rowling - HP & Goblet of Fire signed First Edition - 77 UKP
Stephen King - The Regulators signed Ltd Ed. - 360 UKP
Stephen King - Cujo signed Ltd Edition - 339.99 UKP
Cornelia Funke - Inkspell signed Ltd Edition - 39.99 UKP
Beatrix Potter - Tale of Mr Tod First Edition - 102 UKP
Pratchett - Sourcery signed First Edition - 127 UKP

These are all modern first editions, with the exception of Beatrix Potter, there are lots more first editions in other categories - Hemingway, Steinbeck, Dickens etc... and other even older books e.g. Lectura super primo sententiarum - Rare incunabula-1490 which sold for 1,724 UKP - and was probably a bargain!

There are of course other 'proper' auction houses where you might be able to sell any bargains you find on Ebay. It's only slightly more complicated but there is a chance you would get a higher price for anything you are selling. To have a look at other stuff on offer at Ebay check this out :- The Small Business Marketplace

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